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University Games Product Catalog
Pre-School A+ Activity Games
Make a Scene Wall Game
Step On It
Where's My Lunch?
The World of Eric Carle
The Artist Who Painted a Blue Horse
Today is Monday
The Very Hungry Caterpillar Twirl and Toss Game
Eric Carle Games (Ages 3-8)
The Very Hungry Caterpillar Game
The Very Hungry Caterpillar Card Game
Grouchy Ladybug Game
Eric Carle ABC Game
The Very Busy Spider Game
Pre-School Games (Ages 3-8)
The Gruffalo Card Game
The Gruffalo Game
Kids On Stage
Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed Game
Five Little Monkeys Can't Catch Me Game
Super WHY ABC Letter Game
Silly Faces Stick-Ons Game
Dress-Up Fashion Game
Fancy Nancy Big Easy Game
Fancy Nancy Dress-Up Game
Play'n Learn
Alphabet Letter Game
Numbers Counting Game
Animal Charades
Head to Toes
Zoo Bingo
I Have
I Have... Who Has?
Brain Box For Kids
The World
US Presidents
Once Upon a Time
World History
World - On the Go
Vile Villains
Kings and Queens
Action Statrions
20 More! The World
Pre-school Brain Box
My First Pictures
Brain Quest Games (Ages 2-12)
Brain Quest Game
Brain Quest Smart Game
Brain Quest 20th Birthday Game
Zoo Bingo
Animal Charades
Brain Quest Card Decks (Ages 2-13)
My First Brain Quest Card Deck
For the Car
For Threes Brain Quest Card Deck
Preschool Brain Quest Card Deck
Kindergarten Brain Quest Card Deck
1st Grade Brain Quest Card Deck
2nd Grade Brain Quest Card Deck
3rd Grade Brain Quest Card Deck
4th Grade Brain Quest Card Deck
5th Grade Brain Quest Card Deck
6th Grade Brain Quest Card Deck
7th Grade Brain Quest Card Deck

Children's Games (Ages 6-12)
Sort it Out! Jr.
20 Questions For Kids
Angry Birds Action Game
Angry Birds Space Game
Poppin Hoppies
Paul Frank Boatload of Fun
Kids Battle the Grown-Ups
Scavenger Hunt for Kids
Who What Where, Jr.
Spot the Difference
Totally Gross
Murder Mystery Mansion®
Spanish Language Games
Memorama Jr.
Memorama de Figuras
Loteria Mexicana
El Lince
El Lince Jr.
Feria 4 en 1
Turista Mexicano Game
Shopping Fashion
Family & Adult Party Games
(Ages 8 & up)
Sort it Out!
20 Questions
Angry Birds Action Game
Six-Word Memoirs
Smart Ass Game
Dumb Ass
World War Z - The Game
The Treasure or Skull Rock
Pub Trivia
Who What Where? Drawing Game
Dread Pirate - Family Version
Murder Mystery Mansion
Letter Rip
Ligretto Dice
Murder Mystery Party
(Ages 16 & up)
Lethal Luau
Pasta, Passion & Pistols
A Taste for Wine and Murder
A Murder on the Grill
Staying Alive
The Icicle Twist
Murder on Misty Island
Honky Tonk Homicide
Murder at Mardi Gras
Travel and Card Games
(Ages 6 & up)
Sort it Out! Tin
The Very Hungry Caterpillar Card Game
The Very Hungry Caterpillar Card Game Tin
Eric Carle's ABC Game Tin
Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed Card Game Tin
Five Little Monkeys Can't Catch Me! Card Game Tin
SuperWHY! ABC Bingo Game Tin
Smart Ass Booster/ Card Game Tin
Dumb Ass
My First Scavenger Hunt Card Game
Travel Scavenger Hunt® Card Game
Paul Frank Bingo
The Very Hungry Caterpillar I Have Game
Spot the Difference Tin
Totally Gross Game Tin
Scavenger Hunt for Kids Card Game Tin
Charades Kids on Stage Card Game Tin
Hello Kitty Dress-Up Game
Classic 4-in-1 Card Games
20 Questions for Kids
Man Bites Dog
I Ate Zombies
Brain Quest Tin
Brain Quest Smart Tin
Double 9 Dominoes
Double 12 Dominoes
Travel Mancala